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Impromptu event at Curby-Apr 7

Fri, April 06, 2018 6:49 PM | Ron Yates

Tomorrow night (April 7, 2018) looks to be a clear night at Curby. If any LAS member is interested, I plan to open up the observatory for observing. The observing fields are still a soaking mess, so if you want to observe there with your own scope, I ask that you temporarily park your car on the gravel road until you have unloaded your equipment onto the field, then back it up and park it in the gravel lot in front of the multipurpose buillding. I highly recommend that you use a tarp, particularly if you value your equipment staying clean.

I will be there at about 6:00. Come whenever you want.

This is an impromptu event, not a scheduled one.

Ron Yates

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