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Scheduled events at Curby for August 10 - 12 are a go

Thu, August 09, 2018 11:05 AM | Ron Yates


Here is an update on Curby events for this weekend.

Sky conditions will not be ideal for meteor shower viewing on Public night, Friday, August 10. But not bad enough to warrant cancelling the event. Please note that the Perseid meteor shower is a late night event, meaning it will be best seen after midnight. And after midnight, Early Saturday conditions look to improve. As such, Public night is still a go, but keep in mind that our software for controlling cloud cover is still in beta.

Member night on Saturday, August 11 is a go. Members who plan to attend the dinner at 6:30 PM, please RSVP to Ken Alderson asap. Finally, if anyone is interested in coming out on Sunday night, August 12, for the peak of the shower, the observatory will be open.

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