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  • Fri, March 24, 2023 12:55 PM | Ron Yates (Administrator)

    Public Night at Curby, March 25, 2023 is Cancelled.

    Looking at the forecast for Curby tomorrow night, all the clear sky maps are forecasting clearing to mostly clear skies, but we have already had 1.65 inches of rain there today, and are expecting another 2-4 inches by tomorrow. As such, the observation field will be a sloppy mess, not driveable, and not conducive to setting up scopes. Moreover, the wind behind this cold front is expected to range from 16-24 mph with temperatures in the upper 30s. With winds this high, I am uncomfortable opening up the observatory.

    Therefore, I am cancelling public night at Curby for tomorrow evening, March 25.

    The next public night at Curby is scheduled for April 08, 2023. Hopefully, the weather will be better then.

    -Ronnie Yates

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